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You will find the features and benefits of our service offering, to check all the boxes in your organisation.

Professional image to members​

Having a fully staffed office will enhance the image of your organisation among your members; it instils confidence in the organisation.

Quality newsletters and notices

Our staff will generate newsletters as necessary and will ensure that all notices are professionally presented, and sent out timeously to active and monitored email addresses.

Control over your membership data

We will provide accurate reports regarding membership and related matters, maintaining full control on your behalf.

Relief of the day-to-day administration

Our Secretariat staff will manage all day-to-day tasks ensuring the smooth and successful administration of your organisation.

Consistency and continuity

Using us will provide an element of consistency for your association or society.

We remain in place while volunteer committee members come and go. We will be the custodians of your institutional memory.

Efficiency through cost and time saving

A fully equipped office operating during business hours is a boost to any organisation and using our services will save time and money.

Income through membership fees

As your membership grows, so too will your income; a process we manage and report on, keeping you in control every step of the way.

Your website is kept up to date

There is nothing worse than an out-of-date website: our staff will maintain and update your web presence on a regular basis. This,
after all, may be your first point of contact with potential members.

We take responsibility and are accountable

We are fully accountable to your office bearers and management committee, and we will only act on your behalf in the parameters set by yourselves.


Services you can rely on

Turners Secretariat provides a full-house management service to Professional Associations and Societies thereby enhancing the entity’s operations to its members.

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