Turners Secretariat Services

Experienced Personnel
Our secretariat staff are well versed in the operations of association/society offices and are well equipped to handle most day-to-day operations and queries.

Website Development & Management
We will manage and maintain existing website or develop new websites for your association / society.

Database Development and Management
We use software that has been developed especially for our Secretariat which provides across the board functionality.

We are able to create a new database if necessary, or integrate an existing database into our system. Initially, we will conduct a membership audit to ensure all details, especially contact details, are up to date and correct.

Meeting and Conference Management
One of our staff will be assigned to your account and will attend your meetings as necessary. We are also able to arrange and manage all aspects of meetings and Conferences your organisation might need to host.

Communication with Members
We use a specialist email tracking system which reports on delivery and response to all email communications sent out on your behalf. It will report on redundant addresses and undelivered mail.

Membership, Recruitment, Control and Updates
We will manage your membership and provide regular reports to your office bearers.
We will manage the administration of national and regional recruitment campaigns.
Create new membership application forms.
Receive applications and create members individual profiles.

Office Resources and Facilities
We provide an office and professional staff which will act on your association/society’s behalf. This is a cost saving measure as you will essentially have a fully manned office operating five days a week during office hours.

If required we can install a telephone line with a number used exclusively for your association/society and also manage a dedicated post-box.

Financial Management
We will work with the association/society’s treasurer in compiling and managing your budget.
We are able to manage your payroll, VAT payments, NPO registration and general banking.
We will prepare financial statements on a monthly basis.

Collection of Membership Dues
Our office will invoice members and collect membership dues.
Manage arrears subscriptions
Issue statements where necessary

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