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Over the past two decades we have gained a              Database Development and Management
tremendous amount of experience in the rapidly
growing conference industry and we bring our
expertise and experience to every project we

Office Resources and Facilities

We provide an office and professional staff which
will act on your association/society’s behalf. This is
a cost saving measure as you will essentially have
a fully manned office operating five days a week
during office hours.

If required we can install a telephone line with We use software that has been developed
a number used exclusively for your association/ especially for our Secretariat which provides
society and also manage a dedicated post-box. across the board functionality.

Experienced Personnel                                   We are able to create a new database if
                                                        necessary, or integrate an existing database into
                                                        our system.

                                                        Initially we will conduct a membership audit to
                                                        ensure all details, especially contact details, are
                                                        up to date and correct.

                                                        Membership Recruitment Control and Updates

Our staff are well versed in the operations of          •	 We will manage your membership and provide
association/society offices and are well equipped           regular reports to your office bearers.
to handle most day-to-day operations and
queries.                                                •	 We will manage the administration of national
                                                            and regional recruitment campaigns.

                                                        •	 Create new membership application forms.
                                                        •	 Receive applications and create members

                                                            individual profiles.

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