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Turners Secretariat provides a full house             Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment
secretariat function for Professional Associations
and Societies thereby enhancing the entity’s
operations to its members.

Turners Secretariat was established in 2004 as
part of Turners Conferences to offer secretariat
support for conference clients.

Many of the clients continued to use our services
once the conference event had finished, and
the success of this service has lead us to establish
Turners Secretariat as a separate division in The
Turner Group of companies.

Strength                                              Turners Secretariat is committed to progressively
                                                      increasing our contribution to the objectives of
The strength of Turners Secretariat can be            the Country’s Broad-based Black Economic
attributed to the quality and industry experience     Empowerment programme. Turners Secretariat
of the members of the team.                           will be focusing on specific areas which will
                                                      maximise our objectives in this regard.

The wealth of knowledge and experience of             These include:
our personnel, of the products and this industry,
and their dedication to the client enhances our       •	 Enterprise Development
service offering.                                     •	 Socio Economic Development
                                                      •	 Skills Development
Flexibility                                           •	 Preferential Procurement

We understand that not every client needs all
of the services offered in our comprehensive
packages, so we have developed a flexible
modular package where the client is able
to choose which services Turners Secretariat
provides and which they take care of themselves.

Whether you choose the full turn-key service or
opt for a modular service you are assured of
the same quality of service and dedication to
providing a professional solution.

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