Turners Secretariat Clients


(International Life Sciences Institute)
ILSI South Africa was formally established in 1998 with a mission to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of all South Africans through improved public health and safety.

Emphasis is placed on nutrition, food safety, and environmental issues, particularly water. This year (2013), ILSI South Africa celebrates its 15th anniversary and is busy developing a history of the organization and all its achievements, for publication later this year.

ILSI South Africa’s organization reflects ILSI’s value of public-private partnerships. Its leadership includes the ILSI South Africa president (elected from academia/NGO/government); a chairman (elected from member companies); a secretary (elected from academia/NGO/government); and a vice-chairman/treasurer (elected from member companies). Eight individuals representing academia or government and eight individuals from ILSI South Africa’s industry membership form its Board of Trustees.


(South African Food Science and Technology)
SAAFoST is the Association for Food Scientists, Technologists and other Professionals serving the food and allied industries in South Africa. The organisation provides its members with valuable networking and knowledge-sharing events and publications. SAAFoST promotes education and professionalism as well as an appropriate legislative structure in the industry.


(South African Renal Society)
The aim of the society is to promote the profession of nephrology, and to facilitate co-operation and contact between all interested parties in the field of nephrology and related subjects. We provide guidelines for the optimal care of renal patients.


(South African Society of Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecological Endoscopy)
SASREG is an abbreviation for the Southern African Society of Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecological Endoscopy.

We highlight the critical importance of Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecological Endoscopy to Woman’s Health and Reproductive Health in South Africa. We aim to advance Woman’s Health and Reproductive Health in South Africa through the advancement of clinical care, training and research in Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecological Endoscopy.


(South African Transplant Society)
SATS is an organization that confers unity to the entire Transplantation Community of South Africa, maintaining the status quo between a diversity of disciplines and transplant centres, creating a forum for discussion and debate.

We provide a neutral platform to engage, determine, and implement policy, particularly with respect to controversial issues, as well as providing a link between a variety of institutions and central government, allowing us to communicate with a single voice. Additionally, we act as a driving force for research, and facilitate continuing medical education and peer review on a regular basis.

SATS remains an organization that continues to evolve, forging the platform for transplantation in the years to come.


(Ophthalmological Society of South Africa)
The Ophthalmological Society of South Africa promotes the interests of ophthalmology in general and of its member in particular. OSSA remains committed to a vision of attainable, best quality vision for all.  The society has a number of core functions and aims to support members whilst engaging with all stakeholders in eye care to provide patient-driven care in the field of outpatient-driven